Design, Fabrication and Rubber Lining of Storage and Mobile Tanks for 100 % protection against chemical corrosion.
rubber lined tanks / vessels
Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Rubber Lining of Storage and Mobile Tanks for corrosive chemicals, Ducting, Fumes Stacks, Venturies, Scrubbers, Vaccum Nutch, Reaction Vessels with Agitator & Assembly, Pipes & Pipes Fittings having size from 25 NB to 900 NB and maximum Length as specified in IS 4682 Part-1-1994.
RUBBER Lining by Natural & Various Synthetic Rubbers by Autoclave Vulcanisation System. All type of Rubbers are processed in our workshop and Rubber sheets are Manufacture by CALENDERING MACHINE attached with Automatic Doubling device to get any length of the Rubber Sheets to minimise the joints. Installed Capacity : 5000 m2 R/L work Per Month. Largest Autoclave Size : 5200 mm Dia. x 8500 mm Long.
Project Site Rubber Lining any were in INDIA/OVERSEAS of Storage Tanks for Phosphoric Acid, D.M.Water & Other Corrosive Media by Cold Bonding as well as Hot Bonding System as per Client / Consultant Specifications Under TPI.
Rubberised Fabric Rubber Bellows for obsorbing Vibration and noise for non-pressure application.
Rubber Expansion Joints used in the Piping System to absorb the thrust of the line pressure and Vaccum to protect from the Breakage of metallic Piping System and to compensate the misalignment and thermal expansion-contraction up to certain extent.
Chemical delivery hoses for various corrosive media / Chemicals.
Ebonite and various synthetic Rubberised Rollers are meant to squeeze extra liquid for various process e.g. carbonising, washing, Dying, Bleaching and finishing.
Rubber Sheets of any tailor made size with recommended Technical Specifications from Natural & Synthetic Rubbers.
Rubber Gaskets to make joints Zero leak as per the suitable condition.
Specialised Rubber Moulded Parts can be made as per the customer's specification like Neoprene Rubber Pads having Size : 200 mm Thk. x 250 mm Wide x 4700 mm Long.
Speciality to Develop Import Substituted Rubber Products by evaluation of the sample in our R & D and make the same product.
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rubber lined tanks / vessels
Rubber Lining
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